How can you become aware of what you’re unaware of?


A better question might be, how do you know what you’re looking for if you don’t know what to look for?

The most essential function of coaching is to help you to become aware of your blind spots. You simply cannot perform at the highest levels without becoming self aware.

“What I don’t do is project yet another set of doctrines onto my clients already overburdened neural networks. Instead, I assist them in removing all of their deeply suppressed emotional charges, blockages, and limiting beliefs that are lurking within their subconscious.”

 Chris is best known for his transformative power of deep listening, reflection, and feedback. This unique skill set has enabled him to see the blind spot within the blind spot.

From there, he will continue to chisel away all that you are not until all that remains is the quintessential essence of ultimate performance.

 This is accomplished, first, by the facilitation of a level of listening that you have likely never experienced before. This level of listening is referred to as “holding the space.” To have Chris facilitate this level of ultimate listening is, in and of itself, transformational.

 The next is the deep dive into the subconscious to unearth, and allow to fully surface, any deeply suppressed emotional charges that are keeping you stuck in repeating neural networks within your brain.

 Then you’ll develop the formation of powerful boundaries that, ironically, enhance relationships while maximizing your productivity.

 Lastly, you will be given assignments to facilitate integration: nutritional, physical, mind/body sciences, listening, awareness, and execution.

 You will be held 100% accountable throughout the entire journey. It’s very difficult to not show up when you know there is someone holding you to integrity.


“If the change isn’t radical, then it’s a waste of time.”