Discover how having an emotionally balanced team puts an automatic 10x on your company’s overall productivity. Learn the difference between nonlinear thinking and linear execution and how the integration of both skill sets is mandatory for leadership in the Quantum Age.


How do you stay ahead of the game in the new Quantum Age of technology and innovation?

You take your take your team through the deep dive to release any suppressed emotional charges and tap into the nonlinear domain of thought!

Emotional Integration – A workshop designed to allow the experience of having suppressed emotional charges surface for integration and facilitate permanent healing thus rendering you exponentially more effective.

Nonlinear Thinking – A workshop designed to facilitate the experience of tapping into the nonlinear domain of thought which is the origin of all creative disruption.

Chris gave us five powerful steps we can all take to be more thoughtful, innovative, creative, and strategic and I think his training is well adapted for any company trying to grow and scale.

Tommy Schanzer

Senior Trainer-Global Client Training, Quantcast

In a short hour, Chris gave an energetic and insightful presentation on the power of nonlinear thinking. We are excited to get started on the exercises he provided in his talk and we would love to have him back again for more in depth training on the various lessons he presented !

Wen Kumfert Sr.

Product Marketing Manager , Bio-Rad Laboratories

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