Has your company, team, or leadership prepared for the Quantum Age by integrating the mind/body techniques that enhance performance and creativity or is it rapidly falling behind?

The power of Chris’ keynotes introduces the leading edge tools, tactics, and habits of the world’s top performers and how they have all integrated the new sciences into their personal performance repertoire.



Rise of the Quantum Age Entrepreneur – We are entering a new age of business, creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship. This new age requires a brand new operating system in order to remain relevant. The old ways of doing things are no longer working. You need to upgrade your personal and business Operating Systems. You need an Integrated Operating System™.

The Top 5 Lessons of the Most Productive People on the Planet – Learn and incorporate the top 5 tools, tactics, and habits of the world class performers who make history.

Emotional Integration – Learn how to easily let your disruptive emotions, like sadness, grief, depression, and anger rise to the surface to be allowed to fully heal, permanently on the spot, thus increasing functionality and optimal performance.

Boundary Creation – Learn how to effectively prioritize and create powerful boundaries that enhance relationships and increase performance.

Wherever he is going to give a speech, it would a great opportunity for people to learn and to be motivated.

Travis Li

Senior Analytics Consultant , Wells Fargo

Chris was able to provide a very engaging and thoughtful presentation that left our group with food for thought and some immediate new actions in the world of performance and being effective.

Debbie Huynh

Senior IT Analyst , BD Biosciences